How To Use Google Docs


Google Docs is an online word processing program. You will need a Google account to use Google Docs.

To open a document, go to or visit and click on the Google Docs link.

Once there, you can open a new or already existing document.

After you open a document, you can edit it as you would in a regular word processor.

To share a document with others, click on the ‘share’ button on the upper right side. Then you enter the email address of those you want to share it with.

When sharing, or collaborating, on a document, others will see your edits live as you make them.

Teachers may find it handy to make comments on a student’s document.

To make a comment, highlight a section of text and click on ‘insert’ and then ‘comment’.

Comments will appear to the side of the main document. Comments can be responded to or marked resolved.

Changes in Google Docs are saved automatically.

There are many additional features you can explore on your own. You can add drawings and images, change formatting, even use voice typing.

The research tool can be very useful for students and teachers alike. You can use it to get information, quotes and even add images to a document.

Check out the video below to see Google Docs in action!

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