Our Favorite Christian Sites!


Our favorite Christian sites – from the kids of CHAOS!

 • Cross Walk – This website includes devotions, inspirations, and more!

 • Christianity – This site has Bible study tips, devotionals, and video answers to several questions.

 • Plugged in – Christian website that allows you to look up movies and games to find out information about the movie or game before you watch or play it. It looks at it from a Christian’s view.

 • Godtube  – A Christian website that allows you to look up videos that are Christian based.

 • Bible Gateway – A site to find Bible verses on.

 • Fervr – A site for Christian teens that answers questions such as Christian ways to respond to terrorism.

 • Guide Magazine – The official website for kids of Guide magazine. Sharing God’s love through stories, blogs, videos, and good clean games.

 • Bible hub – This website has lots of resources (atlas, dictionary, devotions etc.) to help understand the bible.

 • For Christian teens – This website has suggestions for Christian music, books, links, and devotionals

 • Daughters Of The Creator – This is a new site designed for Christians. This site offers a daily devotional that you can get in your email

 • ChristianQuotes – have always loved good quotes and this is the site to go to for Christian Quotes.

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